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For residents with daughters looking for a private school derbyshire has plenty of them. However, most parents are not sure whether enrolling their daughters in an all-girls school has any benefits. A comprehensive research that was carried out over the last two decades has at last provided parents with an answer. The academic performance of girls who attend an all-girls school ranks much higher than those studying in a co-ed environment. This article looks at more benefits of attending an all-girls school.

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Girls can Maximise their Potential

When studying in a co-educational school, most girls fail to achieve their full potential. There are a number of factors that cause many girls to suppress their own individuality and personality in a co-ed academic setting. They include peer pressure and their apparent need to conform to popular thinking and opinion. If left on their own, girls are likely to participate in all things they are not expected to like. They can take on challenging science subjects and math, while also wholeheartedly engaging in serious sports.

There is Good Competition

When in a single-sex academic setting, girls can ignore gender-based stereotypes and develop more fully their competitive side. There are no young men around to impress, and the girls have no worries about being perceived as tomboys. Their peers have an understanding of what is happening, meaning that everyone is comfortable being themselves.

Lays Foundation for Leadership

Women have made bold steps in the arena of leadership. Although some women have made excellent achievements, most of them still find rising to senior positions difficult in any given endeavour. A possible reason for this is that girls do not have inspiring role models. In addition, they lack appealing presentation of key subjects such as math, science and technology that give boys a competitive edge in their chosen career paths. Skilled tutors who understand the way girls learn can kindle girls' interest in subjects that are traditionally not their favourite. Such tutors can encourage a girl to dream out of the box and choose a career that is considered for men.

Girls studying in single-sex schools get higher test scores than their co-education counterparts in all subjects. Also, they have a tendency of participating more openly in class and feel comfortable in sharing their feelings. In addition, they emulate and identify with strong, female role models, and are provided with opportunities to assume leadership positions.

Something worth noting is that irrespective of their ability or social economic level, girls scholastically perform better in a same-sex setting. This is because in such a setting, they get all the attention they deserve. It's no secret that boys are often called to answer questions in class than girls do in a co-education setting. Subjects that are traditionally perceived as for makes like science and maths are more likely to be studied in an all-girls school. If given the proper support and encouragement, many girls are likely to shine in these subjects. Also, academic performance can improve if the teaching methods utilised can better fit the female learning model.